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We know you’ve heard it all before. Health and wellness products that will change your life, business opportunities that are too good to be true, and get-rich-quick schemes. We promise we aren’t one of those! U360 is a place where you can come in contact with the best health and wellness tools on the market today. From books to shoes, from supplements to sleep aids – if it can help you improve your life then we want it here for you! It’s time we stop giving our money away to companies who just want us for our wallets; let's invest wisely in ourselves instead!

Paul Billings

Paul Billings has a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing. He is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and coach who uses his wealth of knowledge to help others grow their business. Paul’s mission is to teach the world the different ways that entrepreneurs can improve their health and wellness, as well as how they can be successful with business ventures.

Jordan Connors

Creative Director with a background in Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing. Husband, Father of four and business owner. Jordan is passionate about helping others through sharing his own experiences as well as valuable resources in an effort to improve efficiency for other business owners. Loves fitness, plays music every chance possible - whether it's guitar solo gigs during lunch or streaming tunes through headphones! He loves reading books related to design/marketing topics too which are not only informative but also entertaining.

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